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Favorite Pork Chop Spaghetti at Queensbay Mall Kim Gary

Out of the many type of cuisine and restaurant in Queensbay Mall , Kim Gary is always crowded and I like their serving speed but I really dislike their table arrangement, too close to next table.

Mango Ai-Yu Jelly Ice RM6.90, it no doubt a good combination but unfortunately the amount of mango concentrate use is way too much, too sweet for us end up we left with half cup.
Lychee with Aloe Vera RM5.90, at least this drink is not that sweet and aloe vera is really delicious.

October voucher gave a small snack of Halloween Tomato, tomato fill with corn and cheese, it taste rather plain but surprisingly the tomato is very fresh and sweet.

Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti RM12.50, the size of pork chop is getting smaller, remember 4 years back we ate in KL the size of pork chop covering the whole plate but now it just a small pieces, luckily the taste and texture of pork chop remain delicious, pork chop is well cook and the tomato sauce is delicious.

Curry Baked with Swiss Cheese RM14.90 selected Supreme Curry cook with beef, the curry is rather spicy but taking with rice is quite delicious.

Overall it taste good and I do respect them for the huge range of food variety for selection.
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Kim Gary Queensbay Mall
N5 20.053 E100 18.386


Penang Time Square Taiwan KoChaBi

Return to Penang Time Square again, lately a lot new restaurant open in Penang Time Square , seem like those shop lot facing outside is acquired but sadly inside still very silent even the Food Court . Taiwan KoChaBi is what we going to review today,

The restaurant is decorated to be very Chinese style with big statue facing the main entrance.

Ko Cha Bi 古早味mean that flavor from long time ago, how well they retain the flavor and what is the old time flavor is arguable as we or I should say most of us never got a chance to try something back in 18xx right?

Pudding Milk Tea RM4.50, RM0.50 addition for extra pearls. Pudding Milk Tea taste not bad, it has strong tea flavor and mild milk flavor, pearl is well prepare.

Braised Pork Rice RM3.50, the price is reasonable and the amount of braised pork given is acceptable. It served with half egg and pickle, the pickle is really delicious which taste a little bit sweet and sour, braised pork is tasty as well, not too oily.

Deep Fried Chicken Bento RM9.90, deep fried chicken is not bad which top of chili powder but it a little bit too dry as no soup provided.

Overall it taste good, we will return to try other food.
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Taiwan KoChaBi
77-G-10 Time Square Penang, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang
N5 24.762 E100 19.520

Asian BBQ at Prangin Mall

Seem like another BarBQ style restaurant is open in Prangin Mall, it has exactly the same style as BarBQ Plaza Gurney where the same type of cooking pot and almost the same ingredients as well.

They provide pork lard as well, which use to oil the cooking plate, together it has some homemade sauce which doesn’t taste that good compare to BarBQ Plaza Gurney .

Portion wise it is actually pretty small, it has less ingredients but more ramen.

Soup wise it not that tasty, I would like it more toward plain water.

Start cooking by placing all vegetable into the soup, barbeque the meat, let the meat essence flow down to the steamboat and later eat the ramen with soup.

Well, I would recommend Gurney Plaza BarBQ Plaza over here, you may read our review here BarBQ Plaza Gurney First Visit and BarBQ Plaza Gurney Second Visit
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Unit 6-7, Lot 4.10, Prangin Mall, 10010 Penang, Malaysia
Mon – Thu:12:00 pm-10:00 pm
Sat – Sun:11:00 am-10:00 pm
N5 24.878 E100 19.861

Cameron Highland Big Red Strawberry Farm

Once again we heading down to Cameron Highland for a relax trip, we never miss Big Red Strawberry Farm on our visit to Cameron Highland just because it was the best among the many farm in Cameron Highland .

Big Red Strawberry Farm like other farmer in where they growth all vegetable using hydroponics system where only water use without soil.

One big restaurant selling various kind of strawberry made dessert.

My previous experience tell that Yogurt Strawberry is the best but it always too sweet if honey was added hence I ask them to remove honey this round and it proven to be very good.

Strawberry Jelly with Cream, the jelly doesn’t has strawberry flavor instead it rose flavor, topping with strawberry balance the sourness of strawberry.

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Big Red Strawberry Farm
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
6 05-4913327
Open daily 8.30am – 5.30pm – Free Entrance
N4 29.775 E101 23.193

Geylang Lorong 9 Famous Beef Koay Teow/Hor Fun

Geylang is famous for Red District Area but also very famous for their food, especially Lorong 9 Famous Beef Koay Teow, we never this place until it was highly recommended by a local taxi driver. According to him this shop has been there for quite some time and he will come here at least once a week either for it beef koay teow or other dishes.

SGD5 for a small plate, Singaporean call it as Koay Teow but for Penang we normally call it as Hor Fun instead because the flat rice noodle is wider compare to Koay Teow.

Slice beef is tender soft and not chewy.

Fried Hor Fun got the wok heat and the sauce is delicious, strong soy sauce taste and burning smell is just awesome.

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Geylang Famous Beef Kway Teow
Lorong 9, 237 Geylang Road
4pm to 3.30am on Monday
11am to 3.30am from Tuesday to Sunday
N1 18.735 E103 52.602

Malay Cusine at D Dapor Express

It was quite some time since my halal meal and I am very happy to saw Everyday offer Kari Kepala Ikan Set for just RM19.90 with 3 dishes. I bought 2 voucher to dine with family and do hope for a great dining experience since most of us long time never try halal food.

D’Dapor express located at Logan Heritage .

Udang Buluh Perindu, deep fried prawn cook with sweet and sour sauce. Prawn is fresh and the sauce is pretty good.

Signature Famous Kari Kepala Ikan, I put my hope and expectation on their signature dish as what they proud of but it came to be a big disappointment. The fish head is not fresh, very strong fishy smell luckily the curry taste not bad and manage to cover some of the fishy smell.

Kari Ketam, curry is more toward sweet taste, it taste not bad.

Mushroom & Onion Egg, nothing special to be share as it just fried egg.

Ayam Pandan taste like frozen pack that sell on super market, it doesn’t had pandan flavor at all and the worst is the chicken is very dry and hard.

Stir-Fried Kai-lan just taste normal

Fish is our nightmare, the fish is totally not fresh and the gravy is extremely sticky and doesn’t taste good either.

Satay taste not bad.

It was quite disappointed to dine here, even though we bought the voucher for just RM40 (RM19.90×2 doesn’t include fish and satay) but we expect to get something can be eat, my conclusion is their seafood is not fresh.
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No. 7 Union Street, George Town, 10200 Penang
Lunch 12noon – 3pm;
High Tea: 3pm – 6pm – week day only
Dinner 6pm – 10pm
Open Daily.
Mr Nasir 04 – 2629323
N5 25.102 E100 20.576

Mobile Laksa Hawker

We are hunting for a mobile hawker that sell Laksa and recommended by one of us is to hunt down this famous mobile hawker that sell Laksa and some Nyonya Kuih, some of the time this hawker still stop at One Corner café and we are lucky to hunt him down.

This hawker operated by an old Indian uncle, he sell quite a few thing in the small mobile hawker cart. What attract us definitely is the Laksa which can be smell from far away, as well the rainbow color Nyonya Kuih.

Laksa RM2.00 only, it really cheap and you can’t get this price anywhere else in Penang I believe. Laksa soup is very thick and a little bit too salty for me. Nyonya kuih got a few variety, each cost 50 or 60 cents.

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One Corner Restaurant
Jalan Bawasah
N5 25.292 E100 19.540

Penang Famous Street Food in Ho Ping

We selected Ho Ping as our destiny for lunch, it simply because Ho Ping is very old coffee shop that serve good food, even though the shop is pretty small but it has what Penang famous for, such as Char Koay Teow , Beef Noodle , Lobak , Chicken Rice and Mee Goreng . It like all in one shop.

Mee Goreng is one of the famous noodle in Penang, you can find it almost anywhere. RM3 for a plate of Mee Goreng, yellow noodle use to fried with homemade sauce that give a little bit spicy and sweet taste.

Look for this Lobak stall which doesn’t have any signboard, all ingredients is fresh and deep fried on the spot. You can mix and match anything that come into your mind, it price by per piece.

We had here is Century Egg, Lobak , Popiah, Taufu and Hepiah (Prawn Cracker) RM12.4. Prawn Cracker is the best among the rest, it crispy and has strong fresh prawn flavor.

Next will be our favorite Beef Ball Noodle, we had here is the soup noodle RM4. Beef ball is big in size and delicious but I would recommend to try the dry version which taste even better.

Next is the Penang most famous Char Koay Teow . famous Char Koay Teow here use charcoal to cook and that give more burning taste.

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Ho Ping Kopitiam
Kampung Malabar (Off Penang Road)
Lunch Only
N5 25.157 E100 19.931

Curry Mee and Aiyu Jelly at Pengkalan Weld Road

Pengkalan Weld Road has a few old stall that sell Penang famous street food and also tourist attraction such as Chew, Lim and Tan Jetty Walkway where lot of people take wedding photo there, it really nice scene for photographing.

Right opposite the Jetty Walkway operated in afternoon is Curry Mee and Aiyupin.
Curry Mee, spicy and milky curry soup served with pork blood, dried tofu, cuttlefish and mint leave. Curry soup has strong coconut milk flavor and the addition sambal give the flavor a strong boost. Few different type of ingredient to be add on, Chicken Feet Curry Mee RM3.80, Prawn Curry Mee RM7.50 and Squid Curry Mee RM4.80.

Beside the Curry Mee is Dessert stall but unfortunately they not sharing table, which mean you can’t eat Curry Mee and Dessert at the same table. We decided to stand and eat like a tourist, Aiyu Jelly RM1.40 each, served with one slice of lemon, it taste sour and sweet, very refreshing!

On the left screen is Aiyu while on the right is the ready to serve dessert.

Back to the Jetty walkway here got one famous Prawn Fritters and Lobak, what make their Prawn Fritters awesome is their chili paste. It has very sour and little bit spicy taste, Prawn Fritters dip into the sauce is extremely delicious. During our visit, the boss even ask us to eat yellow noodle raw with the chili paste, we all are reluctant to try but the boss manage to convince us which really surprise us by how good the taste is and the great combination form.

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Pengkalan Weld Road
Opposite Chew Jetty Walkway
N5 24.754 E100 20.321

East Coast BBQ Seafood at Sungai Pinang Food Court

Return visit to our favorite food court, Sungai Pinang Food Court is now one of the top favorite place for tourist and local due to its huge variety of food selection. Well, it not necessary to get seafood at big restaurant, at here you can get East Coast BBQ seafood for much more reasonable price and the taste is at premium level.

The most important for seafood to be delicious is fresh, as long as the seafood is fresh a simple bake or steam also very delicious. Almost every table ordered something from East Coast BBQ which mean their seafood is selling fast and that ensure freshness, as you can see their variety is not less but more than some seafood restaurant, ranging from fresh vegetable to seafood.

Kam Heong Balitong RM8, stir fried with sambal, dried prawn and curry leave. It taste really good as when you suck the Balitong you will taste the sambal sauce as well, it not too spicy instead it has a little bit of sweet taste that really good.

Grill Fish RM12, fish is nicely grill with a thin layer of chili paste on top served with small plate of chili paste and onion.

Kam Heong Kappa RM8, cook with the same sauce as Kam Heong Balitong which had a lot dried shrimp that give a very delicious flavor.

BBQ Yard Long Bean RM6, they invented a new way of cooking vegetable by BBQ it with chili powder, it retain the crunchiness of vegetable while the chili powder give good flavor to it.

BBQ Chicken Wing RM2.20 each, bbq with chili powder to crispy, it crispy outside and juicy inside. Very delicious.

Scallop RM4.50 cook with garlic on top, scallop is big in size and very fresh, we can even taste the sea salty flavor.

Four Angled Bean (Kacang Botol) RM6 cook with Kam Heong sauce

BBQ Squid RM17, simple grill of squid and cut into small pieces, cooking time is prefect which make it not chewy at all instead it can be easily bitten off.

Overall East Coast BBQ is highly recommended place to hunt for seafood, simple preparation but delicious.
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Beside Jelutong Express Highway
Dinner Only
N5 23.973 E100 19.526

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